Donald Cohen Fellowship

The Donald J. Cohen Fellowship Program for International Scholars in Child and Adolescent Mental Health is a mentorship/training program for young professionals modeled on successful activities at previous IACAPAP Congresses and Research Seminars. Approximately twenty fellowships are awarded at each IACAPAP Congress, to avail this valuable opportunity.

The purpose of these Awards is to foster the professional development of emerging leaders in child and adolescent mental health throughout the world. We understand ‘leadership’ in its broadest context – whereas some countries may benefit most from advancing their scientific and research development forward, others will benefit from organizational change in their pediatric mental health infrastructures, and yet others from enhancing the education and training of a new cadre of specialists.

The program includes:

  1. Daily small group meetings with leading experts serving as mentors
  2. Dedicated poster presentations attended by senior faculty members
  3. Special seminars
  4. Social activities
  5. Free registration fee for the general sessions
  6. Accommodation
  7. Partial support or full coverage of traveling expenditures to the Congress
Donald J. Cohen, M.D.

Donald J. Cohen, M.D.
(1940– 2001)
IACAPAP President,

The fellowship is designed for individuals whose engagement could play a pivotal role in addressing the very specific needs of their country of origin. To this end, a prerequisite for all applicants is a submission of a project suitable for a poster or oral presentation at the Congress. Good command of English is an essential requirement.

We encourage all interested and eligible candidates to apply. We especially welcome applications from colleagues under 35 years of age and from countries where child and adolescent psychiatric needs are under-served and under-represented.