International Contribution Award 2024

The International Contribution Award is sponsored by the Korean Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (KACAP) and is presented by the IACAPAP to recognise the accomplishments of a senior individual who has made outstanding contributions to CAMH (Child and Adolescent Mental Health) in the developing world. The award consists of a plaque and honorarium. 

The award underscores the contributions of the individual to services development, research and/or teaching in Low or Middle-Income countries. The individual should have wide recognition in the Low or Middle-Income countries and interact with decision-makers at the country or regional level. The awardee does not have to come from a Low and Middle-Income country or region as long as she or he made a recognizable contribution to child mental health development in these settings. This award is not only for child and adolescent psychiatrists but also for allied professionals.

Important Dates

Call for nomination          : 1 December 2023
Deadline for nomination: 29 February 2024


  1. Nominees must be a member of IACAPAP through a member organisation (Full Member or Affiliate Member) or an IACAPAP Individual Member.
  2. The proposed nominees shall submit their curriculum vitae, including previous awards, education, publications, research activities and further information deemed relevant.
  3. A reference letter shall be requested from the nominating organisation or the individual proposer.

Kindly send nominations to the following email: info@iacapap.org