IACAPAP’s Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health Journal

In line with IACAPAP’s passion to continue to shape the landscape for CAMH through the provision of free access to information for better practices, IACAPAP is extremely pleased to announce that from February 2013, the official Journal of IACAPAP is Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health (CAPMH, www.capmh.com). A partnership that was first proposed in 2006 has now crystallised.

One unique benefit of this arrangement is to authors in developing regions. Not only will CAMH professionals in all parts of the world read our work in this first-rate journal but authors in resource-poor regions will have an excellent opportunity to get their work published as CAPMH offers waivers to authors from developing countries. “The developed world has much to give and receive from working with partners from the developing world. If each child mental health service in the developed world established a partnership with a similar organization in the developing world much would be gained on both sides from this process. These links would provide training and educational support to the developing world. Simultaneously, professionals and the community could work together to develop child mental health services in the developing world, using creativity and innovation. Who is to say that these same innovations cannot be applied in the developed world? This relationship would also provide reality checks, especially for those working in better resourced areas, and may question whether resources are really the issue” (Dogra & Omigbodun, 2005).

An exert from Bulletin 34, February 2013