IACAPAP Challenge Grant

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Challenge Grant, a crucial initiative aimed at raising funds to support our programs, initiatives, activities, and events. At IACAPAP, we are particularly focused on developing initiatives that provide vital emotional support for children and their families living in areas affected by disasters and war. 
This grant was inspired by Prof. Myron Belfer, the Honorary President of IACAPAP, who has generously pledged to match all donations collected, doubling the impact of your contribution. 
Your support can change lives. By donating to the IACAPAP Challenge Grant, you help us reach our goal and unlock additional funding. Your contribution will directly aid in providing critical emotional support to children who have experienced unimaginable hardships. 
Take action now. Visit the IACAPAP Challenge Grant site and click the ‘Boost Project’ button. Your support is more than just a donation; it’s a beacon of hope for children and families in desperate need of care and support. 
For questions, please contact us at info@iacapap.org.